How to Know If There Is an RFID in My Credit Card

While RFID is used heavily in shipping and warehousing applications to allow pallets and packages to be tracked, it is also becoming popular with the financial services industry. RFID-enabled credit cards can be read without contact, letting you wave them by a reader, tap them to a reader or otherwise avoid going through the process of a swipe. While this communications technology can be convenient, it also has drawbacks.

Credit Card Issuers with RFID Chips
It’s hard to tell whether or not your credit card has an RFID chip just by the type of card that it is. Almost every issuer offers some cards with RFID chips. Whether you have an American Express, Visa, Mastercard or other credit card, you could have an RFID chip and not even know it…… [read more]

further down reading —– “Companies make card shields and even protective wallets that block RFID scanners. Alternately, you could just wrap your card in aluminum foil, which will also block the scanners, and remove it when you want to use it.”

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