Texas Showdown: Will Governor Arrest Sanctuary Sheriff For Releasing Nearly 70 Percent Of Violent Criminal Aliens Nationwide?

When ICE released the first ‘Declined Detainer Outcome Report’, in compliance with President Trump’s Executive Order titled “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States,” ANP reported that 118 sanctuary jurisdictions had released 206 of some of the most violent criminal aliens that had been charged and/or convicted of heinous crimes, despite U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement having placed detain orders on those illegal immigrants. (Report embedded in ANP article titled “Citizens Rise Up Against City Officials As ICE Releases List Of 118 Sanctuary Cities That Are Not Complying With The Law“)
According to that report, nearly 70 percent (142 of the 206) were released by one Texas county, Travis County, releasing more convicted and/or charged criminal aliens than all the other sanctuary jurisdictions combined nationwide, back onto the streets of Texas…. [read more]

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