Sign of the Times? Facial-Recognition Software Coming to Stores

Every visitor’s face is tracked automatically and compared at 30 frames per second.
I still remember my first crime. I was 6 or 7-years-old and was standing with my mother in the grocery store checkout line. As she paid for our food, I snatched a pack of chewing gum from a nearby rack and buried it in my pocket.
I have not shoplifted since. Apparently, I’m the exception to the rule.
The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (its existence tells us this is a serious problem) reports that 1 in 11 Americans is a shoplifter. Many become addicted to the rush of getting away with their crime; 57 percent of adult shoplifters say it is hard for them to stop even when they’re apprehended.
Enter facial-recognition software, which uses biometrics of known shoplifters from store databases and police logs. Every visitor’s face is tracked automatically and compared at 30 frames per second. A match is sent to employees’ smartphones. One company says its software has reduced shoplifting by 91 percent…. read more

opinion: What are they preparing for? Why would they want to control everything you do, say and be? They want a one world money, one world religion and a one world system? They are preparing people to be controlled by the government. We have no idea what is going to happen when the Tribulation begins. Revelation does draw us a picture but the reality of it is a different story. If you want to know what they are doing then dive into the Word of God and learn about Him.
During the tribulation there will be three players in control. This chapter among others describes who they are and what they control.
1. The Dragon – devil
2. Beast from Sea – Antichrist
3. Beast from Land – False Prophet
read more about the unholy trinity

2 thoughts on “Sign of the Times? Facial-Recognition Software Coming to Stores

  1. Very good video. I agree entirely. Got off FB years ago but hubby on it and has photos on it. It in itself is a facial recognition developed system and a tracking system. People literally put the info in there for them to get started.
    Walmart. I live in the middle of where their corporate office is. Recently I noticed new cameras, or clearly facial recognition screens in the makeup areas. These are in your face. Very weird. They hang in the middle of the aisles. They are Luke flat screens and video on both sides. They clearly are scanning your face. They are clearly digital. It almost seems like it is tracing your face or outlining it and taking measurements. Best way to explain it. I try to keep my head down because it creeps me out.
    Oh yes…we are here.

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