Oceans are suffocating

oceans are suffocating, oceans are dying, climate change oceans dead zones, dead zones increase in oceansOcean “dead zones” — regions of the sea where oxygen is severely or entirely depleted and most forms of life can’t survive — are booming worldwide, and scientists warn that they will continue to increase. Even outside these near-lifeless ocean regions, influxes of nutrient pollution are throttling oxygen levels in the open ocean and in coastal areas, threatening communities of sea life around the world. And less oxygen in the ocean doesn’t just spell trouble for marine plants and animals — it could carry serious repercussions for life on land as well.
While water molecules contain oxygen atoms, liquid water must also contain dissolved oxygen in order for fish and other organisms to breathe. Oxygen-deprived dead zones were first identified in estuaries — bodies of water where rivers flow into the sea — in the mid-19th century, and their oxygen depletion was linked to the presence of urban sewage in the water…. more

Truth of why our ocean is dying – Sea Life and Birds Dying, Why?
Almost daily we hear in the news or read an article about the sea life and birds dying off in masses? They are dying and there is no explanation according to this one article “OCEAN LIFE IS DYING IN MASS, AND NO ONE KNOWS WHY?” this article states: In the past 70 years researchers have found that….

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