The Church of Pergamum


The city of Pergamum was the center for pagan religions and worship to Caesar and other gods. The first temple for Caesar was built in Pergamum. Pergamum was the capital to worship Caesar. This means in Pergamum the people were required to worship Caesar everyday, while in other cities the people were only required to show worship to Caesar once a year. Jesus calls Pergamum the “throne of Satan” and this is where Satan dominated and ruled. This made Pergamum a dangerous and oppressive place to be as a Christian.

Once someone became a believer in Jesus Christ then going to the temples to worship other gods to engage in religious rituals, which consisted of sexual orgies, was no longer the lifestyle they wanted live. Their life was given to the One True God and His holy way of living. A Christian would no longer fit in and was thought to be a traitor to Rome and Caesar. Being a Christian in Pergamum cost…. [read more]

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