Facebook Just Got A Whole Lot Creepier

facebook imageI’ve been creeped out by Facebook for a long time now. The following story takes it to another level.
From Fusion:

While some of these incredibly accurate friend suggestions are amusing, others are alarming, such as this story from Lisa*, a psychiatrist who is an infrequent Facebook user, mostly signing in to RSVP for events. Last summer, she noticed that the social network had started recommending her patients as friends—and she had no idea why.

“I haven’t shared my email or phone contacts with Facebook,” she told me over the phone.
The next week, things got weirder.
Most of her patients are senior citizens or people with serious health or developmental issues, but she has one outlier: a 30-something snowboarder. Usually, Facebook would recommend he friend people his own age, who snowboard and jump out of planes. But Lisa told me that he had started seeing older and infirm people, such as a 70-year-old gentleman with a walker and someone with cerebral palsy.
“He laughed and said, ‘I don’t know any of these people who showed up on my list— I’m guessing they see you,’” recounted Lisa. “He showed me the list of friend recommendations, and I recognized some of my patients.”
She sat there awkwardly and silently. To let him know that his suspicion was correct would violate her duty to protect her patients’ privacy…. [read more]
lhwm notes: Who is really in charge of your information and right to privacy? Going to school for IT (computers) has its advantages. With that being said they are moving towards a life where the government and leaders who run your country are going to be in charge of you in anyway they can. Every time you buy a smart phone, smart watch, fit bit, anything that connects to the internet is free information your giving them. The number one operating system with build in spyware is Window 10!!! There is no PRIVACY when your on social media, on your phone, T.V. (smart one) etc. Learn to protect your information by STOP giving it out. They call this the internet of things.
article back 2015 that explains what facebook is doing

Facebook Reveals its Master Plan – Control All News Flow

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 1.36.09 PMIn recent months, Facebook has been quietly holding talks with at least half a dozen media companies about hosting their content inside Facebook rather than making users tap a link to go to an external site.

The new proposal by Facebook carries another risk for publishers: the loss of valuable consumer data. When readers click on an article, an array of tracking tools allow the host site to collect valuable information on who they are, how often they visit and what else they have done on the web.

And if Facebook pushes beyond the experimental stage and makes content hosted on the site commonplace, those who do not participate in the program could lose substantial traffic — a factor that has played into the thinking of some publishers. Their articles might load more slowly than their competitors’, and over time readers might avoid those sites…. read more click on title above

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