A cashless society? Some retailers turn noses up at currency

Stroll into the airy Kit and Ace store on Woodward Avenue in Detroit and you’re struck by the minimalist style that highlights the brand’s comfortable, street-smart clothing line.
But if you wanted to buy a scarf, maybe one that’s on sale for about $50, don’t bother paying with cash. The store won’t take your Benjamins — or Hamiltons, Jacksons or Grants.
It’s nothing personal. It’s a no-cash policy that has been adopted at other Kit and Ace stores, too.
I don’t imagine anyone who favors don’t-look-like-you’re-trying-too-hard fashion is going to care too much if they can’t spend actual cash. But the oddity of a no-cash policy does make you think. How much closer, really, are we to a cashless society? Are we looking at the beginning of a more minimalist approach to money?…. [read more]

lhwm notes: They want everyone to get rid of their cash so they can take control of you. The leaders that be want you to be scared and lean on the government. Do you see the plan ahead?
I’ll give you an inside tip —- They are now forcing everyone to change their credit cards from a swipe to a chip whether your current card has expired or not.
The chip is an RFID and not only can they track your every purchase (just like before) but now they can track your every move. It is radio frequency! We have our credit cards wrapped in aluminum foil and the only time it is taken out is when the purchase is being made.
TIP ——  I have one credit card left that I did not change over and waited to see if it would actually stop working on the date I was told by the consistent phone calls and letters I received. Guess what, it did not stop working on that date. The credit card is still current and has not expired, and my thought was they cannot cancel this card because I have not given them permission to do so. I still use this card today (A SWIPE CARD with no chip). I will continue to use this card until they do cancel it or it expires.
We jump so quickly at the commands of others that we do not even stop to think if we should. This is one I did not jump and stood my ground. If you already have changed them over then be sure to wrap  your credit card or buy a protective wallet.
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