Can The Curse Be Broken – Marriage and Woman

cursebebrokenThe initial downfall of any nation is when, through pride, the people turn from God. They dismiss the bible as the only source of truth and believe they can decide good and evil themselves (Genesis 3). The world as a whole is heading down this path in many areas, including marriage. The definition of marriage in culture today is being attacked as man believes he can redo and undo what God has done. But as we will see marriage took a hit long before us.
Before I continue, when I say marriage, I mean the biblical definition which is the union between a male and female (Genesis 1:27). Marriage is between one man and one woman.
Leviticus 18 is the laws governing sex. God states who sex is not permitted between.
vs. 4 Sex with relatives is not allowed
vs. 6-21 Sex with anyone except your husband or wife is not allowed
vs. 22 Sex with same sex is repulsive
vs. 23 Sex with animals is perversion
For God to have to give these commands to people means these activities were happening but were and are not allowed by those who belong to God….. [read more]

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