Photo via Flowertown Bee Farm and Supplies Facebook.Beekeepers in Dorchester County, S.C. discovered millions of dead bees this week after an aerial insecticide spraying intended to control mosquitoes.
Through their Facebook page, Flowertown Bee Farm and Supply in Summerville estimated a loss of 46 hives totaling about 2.5 million bees.
The Washington Post reports that Dorchester County sprayed the insecticide Naled via airplane on Sept. 28. The United States began using Naled in 1959, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, which notes that the chemical dissipates so quickly it is not a hazard to people. That said, human exposure to Naled during spraying “should not occur.”
In parts of South Carolina, trucks trailing pesticide clouds are not an unusual sight, thanks to a mosquito-control program that also includes destroying larvae. Given the current concerns of West Nile virus and Zika — there are several dozen cases of travel-related Zika in South Carolina, though the state health department reports no one has yet acquired the disease from a local mosquito bite — Dorchester decided to try something different Sunday…. [read and watch video]

lhwm notes: In the video they say “the federal agencies here declare the pesticide safe for humans“. The facts are listed for the Chemical Naled.  NO WHERE where on this fact sheet does it say this is safe for humans.
Recommended daily intake: none
Environmental: toxic to many organisms

  • Napthaline: which has been classified by the EPA as a “possible human carcinogen” because it has caused lung tumors in mice. It has also caused headaches, restlessness, lethargy, nausea, diarrhea, and anemia…. [keep reading]

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