China's homegrown AI sector is taking off

BEIJING China is looking to build a native artificial intelligence industry worth as much as 100 billion yuan ($14.9 billion) by 2018, and more than 100 such companies have materialized so far.
Baidu’s virtual assistant Duer stole the show at the company’s technology expo on Sept. 1. by giving a play-by-play of a professional basketball game that matched a video. The program automatically pieced together colorful commentary, which described a “sweet” dunk by U.S. superstar Kevin Durant, after learning dialogue from famous sports announcers. The feat was aided further by Baidu’s image recognition technology. CEO Robin Li Yanhong credits deep learning for fueling the dramatic progress of AI technology in just a few years…. [read more]

lhwm notes: So they act like the computer is so smart, but guess who put the computer together and who did the computer listen to and learn from, that’s right, a person.  When the robots and computers make everything clinical and impersonal, what are the real people going to be doing.

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