BLM plans to systematically sterilize wild horses, murder thousands

Wild horses
(NaturalNews) Once a principal sign of wealth and a primary form of travel, horses in the United States have gone from coveted assets to unnecessary burdens over the course of a single century. In fact, thanks to the Bureau of Land Management, horses are made to suffer outrageous treatment in the 21st century that would likely have spurred violent opposition once upon a time, especially in the Old West.
As reported by the Humane Society in a press release, an advisory panel to the BLM has recently recommended euthanasia for tens of thousands of wild horses and burros – as many as 45,000, to be exact – that are currently in government holding facilities. The reason? Because the masterminds at BLM have singular thought patterns when it comes to “managing” the country’s wild herds of horses and burros…. [read more]

lhwm notes: Where are the animal activist at to help protect our animals? This is just sad and heartbreaking. America deserves everything God gives us. Repent and get right with the Lord.

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