Germany Readies Internal War On Terror: More Large Scale Attacks "Conceivable, Even Probable"

 Something has been building within for the German people. With their declaration that all citizens should prepare by storing up food and water for an extended period, and the attempt to allow internal military policing, it is clear that the nation – outwardly welcoming refugees – is deeply concerned about the social unrest it has been causing.

Fear and unease have accompanied panic, as self-defense tools have been flying off the shelves, and natives have become increasingly vigilant against the violent and unfriendly element among the refugees. Everyone is watching for the next terror attack, as blowback continues to rule the day.

As The Daily Sheeple’s Joshua Krause explains that The Germans Are Clearly Preparing for a War on Their Own Soil
There have been several alarming developments in Germany over the past few weeks. For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the German government has told its citizens to begin stockpiling food and water. And not long after announcing that, the government suggested that they may bring back the draft, which was abolished in 2011 after it was deemed to be archaic and unnecessary….. [read more]

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