Netanyahu threatens ‘downpour’ if rocket fire does not subside

Israel will not tolerate any missiles or mortars being fired from either Syria or from Gaza and will respond with disproportionate force, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Thursday, a day after projectiles were fired at Israel from across both frontiers.
Speaking in the southern Israeli city of Netivot on Thursday evening, Netanyahu said that the country will not continue to absorb rocket fire “not from the north or from the south.”
“Anyone who thinks [of firing] a drizzle will receive a downpour,” he said during a ceremony in the Gaza border city. “The response of the past weeks speaks for itself.”
On Wednesday, a mortar shell fired from Syria struck the northern Golan Heights….. [read more]

lhwm notes: Iran and Hezballoh are teamed up in Lebanon and now parts of Syria. Israel is not blind to the goals of Iran and those they fund.

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