Muslims Have Nothing Whatsoever To Do With Terror?

Canada Free Press: “This weekend’s featured chaos makes words from Hillary Clinton’s November 2015 speech at the Council on Foreign Relations particularly distressing.

In that speech, Clinton said, in part:

The bottom line is that we are in a contest of ideas against an ideology of hate, and we have to win. Let’s be clear, though, Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people, and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.

The big question: Should a candidate for the US presidency so out of touch with reality be even considered for the enormous powers vested in the presidency.”….. [read more]

Opinion by Bible Prophecy Tracker: Willful blindness. Take a look at the first reaction to this weekend’s terror attacks from top officials:

Keep in mind that all four quotes come from the same party when deciding whom to vote for on November 8.

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We found this article: 10 Steps on How to “Radicalize” a Muslim? They Simply Follow Muhammad’s Teachings

2 thoughts on “Muslims Have Nothing Whatsoever To Do With Terror?

  1. The level of stupidity of such a statement cannot be measured. Brain dead people think Islam is peacful when the word itself means assassination. Palestine means invaders. Muslims specialize in assassinating human life and non human life. Muslims specialize in lying too.

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