Prime Minister Netanyahu meets with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Talks addressed regional threats, US-Israel cooperation, particularly in areas of security and defense; Netanyahu to meet Clinton Sunday

Prime Minister Netanyahu met with United States presidential candidate Donald Trump in New York Sunday morning. Their meeting comes ahead of a meeting between Netanyahu and Hillary Clinton scheduled for later Sunday.
Their meeting centered on improving Israel-US relations, in particular in Israel’s “hi-tech and biotech economy”, security and cyber defense. They both addressed regional threats, particularly nuclear Iran and ISIS. They additionally discussed “Israel’s successful experience with a security fence”…. [read more]

Netanyahu meets with Hillary Clinton

PM finishes US tour, meets with Trump and Clinton; Netanyahu: No matter what the election results, next U.S. president will continue strong alliance with Israel
Prime Minister Netanyahu met with United States presidential candidate Hillary Clinton just hours following his meeting with Donald Trump on Sunday. Both Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer and Clinton’s senior policy advisor Jake Sullivan were present during the meeting….. [read more]

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