Drought: California government caught violating its own water restrictions

Drought(NaturalNews) The drought in California is nothing new; its been an ongoing issue for the last five years or so. Water conservation is a hot-button issue across the state, except perhaps for the government. Apparently, in what may be one of the most ridiculous displays of government ineptitude ever, many state buildings have been watering their artificial lawns.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen – the Californian government has been
wasting their most valuable resource on fake grass.

A recent investigation launched by CBS2 Los Angeles revealed that the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) has been using their sprinkler systems to water their buildings’ artificial lawns. This news comes following claims from the department that they had “curtailed” their water usage. The Daily Sheeple reports, “A sign at one of their locations even read[s] ‘We stopped watering the grass to do our part to save water.'” Isn’t that just shameful?…. [read more]

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