Vaccines containing aluminum shown to cause neurological damage

Vaccines(NaturalNews) According to the Food and Drug Administration, the amount of aluminum in modern vaccines that infants are exposed to in their first year is about 4.225 mg, which the agency considers to be low, and thus safe. But some experts believe that there are vaccines being given to children today that contain far more than the FDA-regulated amount of 0.85-1.25 mg per vaccine.
As reported by Natural Health 365, there are some vaccines that, when taken in full, actually introduce 200 times more aluminum into children than is allowed under federal rules. The site reported that researchers at the University of British Columbia noted that aluminum ingestion is a clear cause of neurological problems and disorders in humans of any age….. [read more]

2 thoughts on “Vaccines containing aluminum shown to cause neurological damage

  1. That is what the government wants.They will have people to do what they want that way weakening the minds of people. They ban lead in paint and mercury in thermometers to only give it to you in vaccinations. Sneaky little bastards aren’t they? They then put formaldehyde in them too along with MSG and glyphosate used in roundup weed killer. What has been happening is known as soft kill.

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