Man Plays god In Creation – What Does God Say

Man is playing god through many avenues. One of them is creating human life, changing the way we are born, adding characteristics, and mixing animals with humans. This is disturbing in so many ways and very hurtful that words cannot explain. This is beyond science and God will only allow this to go so far. Just like the tower of babel that was never completed God scattered them abroad. He confused them and changed their language to where they could not communicate to one another. We are not God, but scripture clearly speaks about man trying to be god. Below are a few articles out of the hundreds that are about creating life, hybrid mixing, and changing the way a baby is born naturally….. [read more]

Scientists claim they can now make babies without female eggs
fertilization,reproduction,eggsIn a move that is casting some serious doubt on assumptions about reproduction that have been held for centuries, scientists have just managed to breed mice without the need for fertilized eggs. The team of embryologists at the UK’s University of Bath injected sperm…

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