Glass loos with a view open in China

Man sits on toilet, behind lightly frosted glass door, looking out at the forest outside. Changsha, China, 29 September 2016.

China’s recent obsession with glass tourist attractions has gone round the U-bend with the opening of some see-through treetop public toilets. The loos, near Shiyan Lake in southern Hunan province, have fabulous views of both the forest below and other people using the facilities. Cubicle walls, even those between the men’s and women’s sections, are only separated by lightly frosted glass. But state media said few visitors dared use the loos on their opening day….. [read more]

Hardening, Hardness of Heart
The heart is the seat of emotion ( Psalm 25:1 ; Prov 14:10 ; Isa 66:14 ; John 14:1 ; Rom 9:2 ), intelligence ( Prov 16:1 ; Luke 9:47 ), morality ( Psalm 58:2 ; Rom 1:24 ), human choice ( Deut 8:2 ; Luke 21:34 ; Acts 11:23 ), and one’s religious life ( Deut 6:5 ; Jer 31:33 ;Rom 10:9-10 ; Gal 4:6 ). The heart, in effect, is the whole person in all of his or her distinctive human activity as a thinking, planning, willing, feeling, worshiping, socially interacting being. And, of course, when the person is not living according to God’s will, it is the heart that is described as darkened, rebellious, callous, unfeeling, or idolatrous.

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