What Does Guilt or Guilty Mean

Guilt – To Be Guilty

True guilt is when we have sinned against God and have not repented of that sin. God is very simple and His Word is clear about how we should live our daily lives. Does this mean perfection? Absolutely not, no where in the bible does it say you are able to live a perfect life unto God. If that was the case then God would have not sent His son to die for our sins.
Man makes life very complicated and very difficult, but you have a choice to STOP! When we sin against God the Holy Spirit convicts us of our sin. It is (what people call) that small voice or feeling inside of you that uh oh I did something wrong. Some take heed to the warning and move forward and some ignore the warning and move forward. However the one who ignored it might physically be moving forward but from that point on their life will become broken….. [read more]

lhwm notes: It is our hope that the word of God will bring change into your life. Jesus came to set us FREE, but is always our choice to accept what He gave.
Visit our Bible Teaching Page: Our bible teaching page is a breakdown of words and its meanings from the bible. You have come to the right place to learn what God says about certain topics. Living His Word will not give an opinion and will speak what God says, therefore when reading about a teaching it may be difficult to read. When things are difficult to hear or listen to then we should pray and ask God to give us courage to hear and accept His Truth. We hope you find this page encouraging and life changing…..

6 thoughts on “What Does Guilt or Guilty Mean

  1. Lucifer is guilty for abandoning God who made him becoming Satan. That being pokes and prods at people giving them guilt through people. Those people are mischievous. They are wicked people. They don’t edify or comfort anyone. They work ill to people. People like that don’t seek peace ensuing it. People like that don’t mind their own business working with their own hands. They feel high and mighty doing what they do. They deceive themselves. They need to have a broken and contrite heart.

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