President Obama Lied About 'Growing Chorus' of Transgender Complaints

President Obama
Remember when President Obama’s departments of education and justice sent out their “Dear Colleague” letter to public schools and colleges around the country, demanding that they allow opposite-sex usage of bathrooms and locker rooms to comply with their interpretation of Title IX?
Remember when President Obama said his administration had acted as the result of a “growing chorus” of complaints about discrimination? Well, now we know that was a lie. And not just a little lie, either.
That “growing chorus” he spoke of? Turns out it was six transgender student complaints and 27 pre-written “form letters.” That was the result of a Freedom of Information Act demand made by Public Advocate, a government watchdog organization.
The group’s president, Eugene Delgaudio, issued the following statement after receiving the documentation:…. [read more]

lhwm notes: This is really sad! His character shows who he serves in life. His lips constantly speak falseness and we have allowed him to corrupt America. 

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