The Real Battle Is For Your Mind – About That NBC/WSJ Clinton +11 Point Poll

The Real Battle, is The Battle For Your Mind.
Researchers and political analysts frequent CTH because we bring you hard, factual, and fully cited research enabling you to make up your own mind about the headlines.
What you are about to read (and see) below is a fully cited example of something we have discussed frequently, but withheld until today, so the oppositional forces cannot change strategies in their attempts to manipulate your mind.
It is now time to lay all media polling naked for you to grasp. Everything below is fully cited so you can fact-check it for yourself. However, we present this with a disclaimer: the entities exposed will industriously work to change their approach from this day forth.
You have probably seen the latest example of the media claiming a released presidential poll from NBC and The Wall Street Journal as an example of Hillary Clinton expanding to an 11 point lead in the weekend following the “controversial” leaked tape of Donald Trump.
The claim is complete and utter nonsense. Here’s the proof.
We begin with a google search showing hundreds of media citations referencing the NBC/WSJ Poll:…. [read more]

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