Health Ministry: parents of 5,000 first-graders refuse vaccination

Receiving a vaccine (Photo: Amir Alon)A recent report published by the Health Ministry found that over the past school year, national health services has vaccinated 1.3 million students between first and ninth grades. The vaccines were administered to all students, except in cases where the parents objected.
During the first grade, the MMRV—a combination vaccine that protects against the measles, mumps, chicken pocks and rebeola—is usually administered. Over the past year, 153,842 first graders were given the shot—amounting to 96.9% of their peers—while the parents of 4,919 first graders—amounting to 2.9% of the first grade population—did not have parental approval and therefore were not vaccinated. This marks a slight rise in percentage who refused, from 96.8% of all first graders who had been vaccinated last year….. [read more]

lhwm notes: Here is what your giving your children.
Per the CDC:  ” The MMR vaccine is very safe, and it is effective at preventing measles, mumps, and rubella. Vaccines, like any medicine, can have side effects. Most people who get MMR vaccine do not have any serious problems with it. Getting MMR vaccine is much safer than getting measles, mumps or rubella. “
Do you know what ingredients are in this vaccine? If you read the ingredients would you believe this is very safe?
Below are a few ingredients on MMR.
vaccine syringe apple
We listed these ingredients out of all of them because these were the worst.

  1. Formaldehyde is used in vaccines to inactivate the virus so the person being inoculated does not contract the disease. Formaldehyde is used in many materials that are in your home. Read this webpage to learn more. It is also critical to note that the “11th report on carcinogens” classifies formaldehyde as “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen.


  2. WI-38 human diploid cells –  Winstar Institute 38, human diploid lung fibroblasts derived from the lung tissues of a female fetus aborted because the family felt they had too many children in 1964 in the United States
  3. MRC-5  – Medical Research Council 5, human diploid cells (cells containing two sets of chromosomes) derived from the normal lung tissues of a 14-week-old male fetus aborted for “psychiatric reasons” in 1966 in the United Kingdom, Eagle’s Basal Medium in Earle’s balanced salt solution with bovine serum.
  4. Here is the full list of the MMR chick embryo cell culture, WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts, Medium 199 (containing vitamins, amino acids, fetal bovine serum, SPGA (sucrose, phosphate, glutamate, recombinant human albumin), neomycin, Minimum Essential Medium (containing vitamins, amino acids, fetal bovine serum, recombinant human albumin, neomycin), sorbitol, hydrolyzed gelatin stabilizer

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