River turns blood red overnight alarming residents in Guatemala

blood-red-river-guatemalThe Samalá river in Quetzaltenango turned blood red overnight on October 14, 2016, alarming residents of nearby communities.
The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) has launched an investigation to determine the source of this mysterious color.
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According to preliminary investigations an unknown black substance was poured into the river and could be the cause of the bloody water…. [read more]
lhwm notes: Is this Revelation where it says Revelation 16:3 The second poured out his bowl into the sea. It turned to blood like a dead man’s, and all life in the sea died. 4 [ The Third Bowl ] The third poured out his bowl into the rivers and the springs of water, and they became blood. NO! It is not at this moment, however there will be a day when this will happen. These are signs and preparations of what is to come. Revelation Chapters 15 to 16 are the Seven Bowls and it will be earth’s worst days to live upon. No can prepare for this! God is lovingly wanting our attention. Is anyone listening? This is not the first river to turn red.

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