Analysis: Israel wins UNESCO battle, but not the war

What a difference half a year can make. Just last April, in a first of its kind resolution, a majority of the UNESCO 58-member Executive Board ratified a text that ignored Jewish ties to the Temple Mount. The vote was 33 in favor, six against and 19 abstentions. Two countries were absent from the room. On Tuesday, a similar text failed to gain majority, passing 24 to six, with 26 abstentions. Two countries were not present.
On top of that, Mexico, who traditionally votes against Israel, announced that it withdrew its support and Brazil indicated it might do likewise should the resolution come again before the board.
Their statements do not impact the overall vote. But for those keeping score, the Palestinian attempt to linguistically reclassify the site – holy to Judaism, Christianity and Islam – solely by its Muslim names of al-Haram al-Sharif is slowly losing support with only 23 and possibly 22 countries supporting it….. [read more]

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