Google, Microsoft, Apple, And the CIA Are Building Machines To Usher in ‘New Age’ Artificial Intelligence

human brain neural net deep mindAn artificial Age is coming upon the shores of the world at an exponential rate, and if things don’t slow down – there will be no going back. Big Tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are all working on “new” technologies that in collusion with Big Government Divisions like the CIA will paint a very, very 1984 picture of the USA.
Imagine a world where your smartphone doesn’t just track your phone calls, and your pictures but rather every single word you say. Imagine a world where every single thought, action, and emotion was recorded and deciphered by the likes of the CIA. Rather than expand the divisions of government for cyber warfare, the government is looking to expand its branches in Artificial Intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is categorized into two sections, Generalized AI and Specialized AI. Technically those terms refer to the same monster. Except the two sections pertain to different smaller divisions within Artificial Intelligence….. [read more]

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