Why Did Obama Tell Abbas to Wait?

dshakeCommentary Magazine: “If President Obama had no plans to use his last two months in office to launch some kind of a diplomatic initiative on the Middle East or to stick it to the Israelis and his longtime antagonist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, then why would he even mention the election?
Were the U.S. to keep faith with the Israelis, the Palestinians would just be told that there would be no change in American policy. Period.
Abbas and the PA would be put on notice that, if they actually had any desire for peace or hope of future independence, they should do what they promised to do in the Oslo Accords: head back into direct negotiations with the Israelis.”…. [read more]

Opinion by PROPHECY UPDATE: If the WikiLeaks report from Thursday is accurate, the US election is over:

Wikileaks: There is no US election. There is power consolidation. Rigged primary, rigged media and rigged ‘pied piper’ candidate drive consolidation. 10:47 PM – 20 Oct 2016

Of course we have no way to know if that is true, but if our nation has descended that low, then anything is possible. President Obama’s complete and total disdain for Prime Minister Netanyahu and everything he stands for has been proven time and time again over the past 8 years.

WikiLeaks also points out that presidents are selected, not elected, and that the public’s perception of a two-party system is ridiculous:

Certainly, after the Republican sweep of Congress in 2014 in which every promise was forgotten, case in point are a few pictures that have surfaced recently:


happyKinda makes you wonder.

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