Panicked Nato steps up plans to send THOUSANDS of troops to Russian border amid WW3 fears

NATO has been forced to step up its plans to deploy thousands more troops to the Russian border as Vladimir Putin increases the country’s war preparations. The global alliance will use its meeting with European Union officials to launch an aggressive push to implement troops in Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
An agreement – signed at a Nato summit in Warsaw in July – will see 3,000 to 4,000 soldiers stationed close to the Russian border in case Moscow launches all out war. The US will lead the mission in Poland with Britain leading the way in Estonia, while Germany, Canada and France will also contribute troops…. [read more]

Russia’s response: BRINK OF WAR: UK sends TANKS, DRONES and 800 SOLDIERS to Russian border as tensions grow

BRITAIN has sent tanks, drones and 800 soldiers to the Russian border as tensions with Vladimir Putin intensify by the hour. The show of force comes just days after the Russian leader’s fleet passed near the British coast. British soldiers will travel to Estonia in what is one of the biggest build-ups of foreign firepower on Russia’s border since the Cold War. The move will take place next spring, with Denmark and France also taking part in the huge military exercise…. [read more]

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