Russian submarines spotted off BRITISH COAST in latest Putin offensive

Russian submarine and Syrian city, AleppoThe sub is believed to be one of three fearsomely armed subs heading for Mediterranean – easy striking distance of the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo. While the world condemns the flotilla of Russian surface battleships on its way to the east Mediterranean, it is the submarines that will unleash deadly metal rain on Syria’s last rebel stronghold, experts warn.
The news comes as tensions between London and Moscow escalate following Britain’s decision to deploy tanks, fighter aircraft and up to 800 troops to Baltic war games. A Royal Navy nuclear submarine was last night tracking two of the boats in the Irish Sea. They are expected to join the task force, headed by Russia’s only aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, on Monday….. [read more]

lhwm notes: Things are speeding up between wars going on, rumors of war spreading like wild fire, Israel being denied, UN secretly passing laws behind everyone’s back who is not looking, America focused on who to vote for, and in the still somewhere a master plan is going on. What is this master plan you ask? Well the leaders are preparing while distracting everyone else! Preparing for what? Many things: we have the Gog&Magog war that is coming, the destruction of Damascus is coming, and the preparing for the Antichrist. We keep repeating ourselves and we know this, however this is real and some people are still asleep. Are you ready for the catching away (rapture), are you ready for the one world, are you ready to be told what to do 24/7, are you ready to give up your freedom America still has left, are your ready for WAR, are ready when Chaos is the new normal, ARE YOU READY! We pray your heart is right with the Lord. If it is not please visit our Coming to Christ page.

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