Alabama Drought Is Worsening, Killing Plants, Drying Creeks

U.S. Drought Monitor forAlabamaU.S. Drought Monitor Alabama

A choking drought is worsening quickly across Alabama, killing plants, drying out creeks and rivers and reaching levels not seen in at least 50 years, a climate expert said Thursday.
The latest assessment from the National Drought Mitigation Center showed more than 65 percent of the state is now in an extreme or exceptional drought, up dramatically from a week earlier.
State climatologist John Christy, a professor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, said the current drought isn’t too bad when compared to droughts that last six months or more. But compared to short-term droughts of two months or so, “this is a once in a 50- to 100-year event,” Christy said.
Alabama’s soil only makes conditions worse because the land typically doesn’t hold water very well, Christy said in an interview conducted by email….. [read more]

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