Daniel In The Culture's Den Part Two

In Part One of “Daniel in the Culture’s Den,” we looked at the story of Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah — four adolescent boys among the thousands of captives stolen from Israel by their Babylonian conquerors. I wrote, “We in America haven’t been taken to a new country, but we have watched as a new country has formed around us.”
In this strange new America, our children are being taught to kneel before wicked kings and worship strange gods. Their minds are being reordered by sinister forces out to remove God and His word from their way of thinking.
Many of our churches and Christian families have chosen to compromise with the brainwashing. Be it premarital sex or mind-altering drugs, they act like it’s to be expected, and must simply be managed. But a condom does not shield young people from the perils of promiscuity. The Bible consistently condemns drunkenness — another word for “getting high.” And that’s the single purpose of recreational marijuana…. [read more]

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