How the Yahoo hack impacts you, even if you don’t have a Yahoo account (and how to get safe again)

Have you heard? In 2015, Yahoo reportedly allowed a US government agency to install a spy tool onto its system so agents could secretly read incoming email.
This is shocking for several reasons:
The US government could read every incoming email of Yahoo AND non-Yahoo customers, regardless of whether or not they were suspected of wrongdoing.
The spy tool was actually more like a rootkit that could allow not just the government, but a hacker, unfettered access to user accounts.
The revelation follows news of a 2014 Yahoo breach, the largest in history. The hacker in that case stole email addresses, birthdates, security questions, and even passwords, putting over 500 million customers at risk for identity theft.
The Yahoo scandal is just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s why:…. [read more]

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