Pastors Say It's Time for American Christians to 'Pull it Together'

This year’s election has been one of the most divisive ones this country has ever seen. Even Christians have joined in the angry banter, causing deep divides within the church. CBN News sat down with several spiritual leaders on election day who say the Church has the opportunity to be a beacon of love and unity in these chaotic times.
“There’s really room in the body of Christ for diverse opinions. Certainly we disagree all the time,” says CBN Chaplain Joel Palser. Palser says what should distinguish the body of Christ from everyone else during this election season is the ability to disagree in forgiveness.
“We’re the people of forgiveness. We’re the message of redemption and reconciliation so it’s time to pull it together under the real authority of Jesus,” he concluded. All panelists agree the only way America’s Christians will unify is if they keep their eyes on Jesus during such an emotionally charged election season. [Full Source] 

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