Anti-Trump protesters call for Intifada in America

Anti-Israel activists are attempting to co-opt the protests that have rocked the US since Donald Trump became the President-elect, according to Cornell Law School Professor William A. Jacobson.
“It’s conquest of other peoples and movements to redirect them to and focus attention on the BDS anti-Israel agenda.” Prof. Jacobson wrote on his blog at the Legal Insurrection website.
In the video above, which the anti-Israel organization Students for Justice in Palestine posted on its Facebook page, protesters can be heard repeatedly chanting “Trump! Obama! You will feel the Intifada!”…. [read more]

lhwm notes: Do you enjoy your freedom? Does our young generation even know what they are saying and asking for truly? We definitely do not wish this upon any country. Many people die during an internal war and loose loved ones. So much hate! Do you know why there so much hate? 
Intifada means – an uprising; specif., either of two insurrections (1987-93, 2000-05) of Palestinian Arabs against Israeli military forces in the occupied territories of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank of the Jordan

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