As You See The Day Approaching

empty-church1We may be living in one of the last few generations in history just prior to the Lord’s return, or we may in fact be the generation that is caught up to meet the Lord in the air. Although we don’t know the day and hour of Jesus’ return, we can use the discernment given by the Holy Spirit to understand the times and see the day approaching. I’m just one among many Bible teachers who believe we are living in the days just prior before the Lord’s return. As we see the day approaching, I want to warn you about forsaking Christian fellowship as some are doing.
With the U.S. general election behind us, I’m worried that many born again believers will be mistakingly lulled into a state of apathy because they feel we may have bought just a little more time. The person seated at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. can’t bring lasting peace to the world and has no control over the day or hour of the Lord’s return. The one seated on the throne has complete control and lasting peace will only come when the Prince of Peace reigns.
It’s seems that many Christians are breathing a sigh of relief and feeling a sense of ‘peace and safety’ in recent weeks. I want to remind you that ‘the Day’ is still approaching and knowing that should give every believer greater resolve to meet together on a regular basis….. [read more]

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