Toxic nightmare: Is your bed making you seriously sick?

How To Make Sure That Your Mattress Is Non-Toxic SAN ANTONIO — It’s a sunny, mild day and Michael Paese is heading out on his road bike.
This little hill? I’d be gasping for air right now, says Paese about what it would have been like to try to ride a bike just four months ago. Ever since I was young, I put more miles on my bike than I do my car.
The 51-year-old avid cyclist says he is learning to live again and making a comeback from debilitating health problems that began six years ago.
As the day went on, I became worn out–not a lot of energy. I felt mentally foggy, says Paese about his health problems. I started having a metabolic disorder, where my muscles didn’t process energy properly.
For this former champion triathlete who owns his own bike shop and led a life full of exercise, the change was drastic. … more

How To Make Sure That Your Mattress Is Non-Toxic

Many of our appliances and furniture are made up of materials with toxic chemicals. This fact is not surprising as even the food we eat, especially the processed ones, contains harmful substances that threaten our health. Inhaling or ingesting dangerous chemicals are linked to damages to the heart, kidney, and lung; reproductive and developmental issues; as well as cancer. Among the chemicals that can lead to major diseases are fire retardants…. more

I am currently looking for a new mattress and the time it is taking is incredible. It seems as if I am buying a new car because that is how intense this is. Who knew that not only are people adding chemicals, preservatives, gmo and pesticides to our food they are now adding a list of chemicals to your bed. Are you sleeping on a bed that is making you sick? My bed is not necessarily making me sick but I never liked it from the beginning. After reading many articles and websites claiming to be clean and pure they were not. Please be very careful who you buy from because not all of them are telling the truth. They should have a list of certifications and the GOTS and GOLS are the top two. You will pay for these certifications which makes them not cheap but most of the beds filled with chemicals are not cheap either. So far here are a few not in order (there are others but these are the ones I found):

  1. NaturePedic
  2. SaavyRest
  3. Holy Lamb Organics
  4. Zenhaven
  5. Sleep On Latex

UPDATE 2-14-18
I bought a Zenhaven Mattress and I bought my mattress topper and pillow from Sleep On Latex. Next time I will buy my mattress from them as well. Great customer service and reviews. There certificate was expired and I emailed them about it. They responded back to me along with the current certificate dated the same but a year older. Both companies have been helpful and the products have no smell.

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