AI: The Serpent’s Deception Revisited?

This article may not be of interest to some. In fact, many may wonder why it’s even being written about here. After all, it may have nothing to do with scripture. Then again, it MAY. It’s not my intent to force-feed a conclusion; I will leave that to the discernment of each individual reader to come up with their own conclusions.
AI, nano-technology, micro-processors, AGI, singularity, and many other terms are things we likely don’t think about on a daily basis. We may not be aware of the desires and beliefs of those who excel in these fields, and the reason why they are so driven to push the AI agenda on the world so quickly.
Some may think it’s merely profit… a race to the ‘top’ for who can be first to excel and produce these products for consumers, be it households, individuals, corporations, or military consumption. And for a few of those producing these things, that may play a part of it. But the majority of those who are skilled and accomplished in the field of AI (and all things related) have a far more nefarious desire to see it come to fruition. It’s not even the money (or fame) that they desire; it’s something even worse. They want to be ‘gods’. We’ll delve into that shortly…. more

Check out this video to learn more about the purpose of A.I. and your future.

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