School Shootings: The Real Question

From Broward County, Florida, comes news of yet another school shooting. Politicians and members of the media immediately began asking how such tragedies can be averted. They focused on the usual things. How do we keep weapons out of the hands of dangerous individuals, and how do we spot signs that a person might be a potential mass shooter?
Those are important, but they don’t address the real question, and that is, “Why?”
After interviewing the suspect, reading his social media posts, and talking with people who know him, the police will tell us what they believe motivated him. But the question of why will not be answered by finding the specific motive of a specific shooter. Specific motives for seemingly insane acts don’t usually tell the real story…. more

2 thoughts on “School Shootings: The Real Question

  1. Violence, sex, drugs, and killing without cause is the main plot in movies and video games.. People video gang beatings to upload on YT, and receive millions of views.. And the world asks why all the violence? God help us, because you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube..

    1. Yes as time continues and the love of the body grows colder our hearts go out to the children who are being taught this coldness. We pray that a True Believer comes into their lives and teaches them about the Lord and we pray for the Lord to come and get the children :(!

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