We Are Facing the Death of Western Civilization

I believe Western civilization was born in 1517, when Martin Luther ignited the fires of the Protestant Reformation. When Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses on the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, Germany, he was declaring that truth is found not in any governmental or church authority, but in Scripture. In Theses 1 through 40, Luther criticized the Roman Catholic Church for teaching people to rely on the corrupt church practice of selling indulgences rather than teaching them the gospel of repentance and forgiveness of sin laid out in the Scriptures. Luther was teaching the importance of objective truth, human freedom, and equality before God.
In Theses 41 through 52, Luther accused the church of building its edifices from the “skin, flesh, and bones” of God’s people. This is an early assertion of human rights—the right of the people to be taught the truth of God, and not be exploited for ungodly profit. In Theses 53 through 66, Luther returned to the theme of truth, stating that the treasure of God’s church is not silver and gold, but the truth of the gospel. In Theses 67 through 91, Luther made several devastating rational arguments against the selling of indulgences. If the pope had the authority to take away guilt for sins, Luther asked, why did he do so only for money?… more

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