This is how big a whale shark actually is

(Meredith/AP) – Whales are generally peaceful. Sharks are generally aggressive. So, what happens when there is a giant, sea-dwelling creature that embodies both massive beasts? Well, prepare to feel small.
Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the sea. But unlike some of their ferocious cousins like the great white, whale sharks are gentle giants, harmful only to the tiny fish and plankton they eat.
They weigh up to about 40,000 pounds and typically grow between twenty to fifty-two feet. That’s bigger than a double-decker bus.
But these majestic creatures are vulnerable. Overfishing is putting them at risk of extinction before scientists are even able to understand them.
“So this whole portions of the population that we don’t really have much access to so scientists or several scientists have often referred to them as a kind of a mystery species,” says principal scientist Alex Hearn with San Francisco University of Quito…. more

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