End-times Trump Intrigue

Fascinating speculations are dredged from the swamp intrigues as of late. These tug mightily at my fiction-writer side, bringing out the novelist that lives there and comes out only very occasionally.
Story-telling possibilities keep coming forth that would have provided exciting fodder for any Clancy novel. But, real life in the case of what’s been going on in the D.C. Swamp might make a Tom Clancy determine that the reality was just too implausible to make for believable fiction.
I’m not in that stratospheric, novelist class within which the late, great Tom Clancy dwelt. So I haven’t his likely inhibition against mixing the swamp realities with a fictional plot, regardless of the chances it might all come across as unbelievable…. more

Evil is busy but there is a plan to all of this. Do you know the plan? The plan is preparing for the Antichrist to rule, Damascus being destroyed, Gog and Magog war and more is coming. As believers we should be deep into the Word of God and listening to God only, not man. False teachers are deceptive and are led by their father of many lies. Get the bible facts and learn who Jesus is, God Bless You.

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