Mind Reading Machine: Will This Technology Be Used in the Mark of the Beast?

It seems incredible to me how technology is advancing at breakneck speed just within the last year. We’ve read and seen how AI (Artificial Intelligence) robots are becoming more and more human-like. “Sophia” – the most famous of these robots has even been awarded citizenship in Saudi Arabia!
But today I read a story which sent cold chills down my spine. There is now a machine that can read your thoughts and translate them into data (words). The scientists are saying that it is 90% accurate.
A thought came to my mind immediately: Could this technology be used by Antichrist in the Mark which he will demand all people receive during the Tribulation? This “mark” will most likely have everything there is to know about you – your name, your address, your healthcare, your bank account; and if this new mind reading technology is also inserted in the “chip” (Mark of the beast) all thoughts will be laid bare to the authorities. Of course, those who willingly take the mark of the beast are destined to hell…. more

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