“I Am the Majority!” Epic Speech to Uphold the 2nd Amendment

I would love to shake this man’s hand. I wrote to him on FB, thanking him for his eloquent words which ring true with so many of us.
Our forefathers gave us the 2nd Amendment to keep us safe, first from a tyrannical government which could be formed in the future; but I also believe that these forefathers believed that Americans deserved the right to protect their families from harm.
The process to attain guns needs to be followed to the letter. People with documented crimes or mental illnesses should NOT be able to legally purchase a gun. But law abiding citizens who can pass the process of being vetted, should be able to purchase weapons to protect themselves and their families…. click to watch video more

Opinion: When certain people became president they had a plan to tear down America and Americans were asleep. The last president who tried to take down America the Americans woke up. Now these same people who are trying to take down America are still speaking but so are the Americans and this time some are praying, standing and speaking up. We always had the thought that if someone tried to come in and make America a Communist country that the Americans would fight back. We were not sure when Americans would wake up and begin to fight for our freedoms again, but from all the news that is taking place from our constitutional rights to our freedoms AMERICANS are waking up and taking a STAND. Thank the Lord! There are some things that are out of control and our president cannot do anything about it, but we have a mighty GOD WHO CAN! PLEASE BELIEVER’S PRAY AGAINST the EVIL in our country. From killing babies, false preaching, lying to the people, children being taught gender identity, sharing bathrooms with opposite sex —> to steeling our freedoms that this country fought for. We are still here and we can still STAND!

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