How God Used Hostages to Change the Hearts of Four Radical Islamic Terrorists

(Photo by Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images)Gracia Burnham, a missionary from Kansas, was abducted by Islamic terrorists in the Philippine jungle around 15 years ago. Burnham and her husband, Martin, served through the mission organization, New Tribes Mission (now Ethnos360) when they were subsequently taken hostage by militants in May of 2001. 20 people were kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf militants, a terrorist group from the Dos Palmas Resort in Palawan.
The group was held hostage for 376 days, until they were set free in June 2002. She fled after a gun battle took place with the Filipino military, that took her husbands life.
After 15 years of being free, Burnham reflects on how her time in captivity demonstrated how she failed to see the bigger plan in store for her…. more

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