See No Evil: The South African Holocaust

( Note from Jan: It is grievous to report on a dark story but until the church becomes aware of this 21st-century holocaust, it is not likely to improve. My thanks to Jill Martin Rische for exposing it. I have been receiving personal updates from Pastor Gabriel Joubert in South Africa who airs “Understanding the Times” radio weekly. He says the program is a lifeline for them and they cling to the blessed hope. Please care about this tragedy and act as Jill Martin Rische has suggested below.)
Fox News ran coverage recently of the shocking events in South Africa. As an end time scenario, it was almost apocalyptic. Any land belonging to whites — including Jews — must be taken from them without compensation. Death is a weapon they won’t rule out, with members of the racist African National Congress (ANC) government calling for the execution of anyone who is white.
At political rallies, they dance to songs of “death to whites” while jobs are given to blacks under the Black Economic Empowerment law and whites are forced into ghettos. Meanwhile, America forbids immigration and stands on the sidelines, sending $350 million a year to the ANC fascist government. This is South Africa today…. more

Keep these people in your prayers! Lord help them, save them, give them courage and help them get out.

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  1. There was a Pastor on the Hagmann program. He said there is so much red tape, if white farmers and Christians could afford to leave.. the government makes it very difficult.

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