Middle East Current Events Update — Truth about the Attack on Syria

Amir’s update to clear the fog on the actual events regarding the attack on Syria and the Biblical significance of it.
we are going to look into first and
second Thessalonians in the title of the
message tomorrow is is basically going
to be are you turning the world upside
down we’re talking about the role of the
believers and the fact that both Paul
and Silas were accused for turning the
world upside down and we’re gonna try
and understand what is it what weapon
did they use to turn the world upside
down and what was it that they were
preaching and what is it that we need to
hold on to so that is going to be
tomorrow and I’m very very excited but
let’s start right now with a statement
that I want to give to all of you
statement regarding my understanding of
the role of the believers in light of
current world events and it has to be
extremely it has to be clear that what
we’re going to report later on on the
events of the last few hours in Syria is
not criticizing anyone and it’s not
passing judgment on anyone I will report
what happened because I believe you
deserve to know the truth

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