Vanuatu to 11,000 Residents in Path of Erupting Volcano: Get Out Now

Officials are attempting to evacuate all 11,000 residents from Vanuatu’s Ambae Island as a volcano erupts.
Flooding and mudslides from recent rainfall have made the evacuations more challenging.
Residents have experienced respiratory problems as the volcano spewed smoke and ash.
Volcanic eruptions on Vanuatu’s Ambae Island have forced officials to order a mass evacuation, and weather conditions haven’t cooperated in recent days.
The archipelago nation east of Australia is attempting to evacuate all 11,000 people who live on Ambae Island to nearby Santo Island because of ongoing eruptions at the Manaro volcano, according to the Guardian. A state of emergency was declared and many people began having respiratory problems as the smoke and ash from the eruption filled the air, the report added….more

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