Mysterious booms rattle US and UK residents and nobody knows why

mysterious booms may 2018, mysterious booms april 2018, loud booms april 2018, mystery boom april 2018Loud boom remains a mystery for Bellingham residents on April 23, 2018
Plenty of theories were floated on social media Monday night and Tuesday morning about the cause of a large boom that was heard from Everson to Bellingham and west to Blaine around 7 p.m. Monday. According to reports, the boom shook houses, though no reports of damage were mentioned. – Bellingham Herald
Michigan Township rattled by mysterious explosion on April 22, 2018
Some people living in and near Bedford Township in Southeast Michigan have reported hearing a loud “boom” that they say sounded, and felt, like an explosion just before 8:30 Sunday evening. And of course the mystery continues. – 13 ABC… more

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