Emmanuel Macron to Visit Vatican in June: More Dots to Connect

…. As Bible prophecy students, we are told in the Word to watch the Signs of the Times. For years we have wondered if Pope Francis could possibly be the False Prophet spoken of in Scripture.
When Emmanuel Macron came onto the world stage, many alarms went off in the Christian community. Macron was groomed by the Rothschilds, which in and of itself made the brethren sit up and take notice. His cover photo on Time magazine, and his shocking declaration of “Ruling as a Roman God” has many Prophecy teachers wondering if we could be looking at Antichrist.
But we know that only our Father in heaven knows the answers to our questions.
In this last week, Macron said that he will bring a 10 Nation “Coalition of the Willing” EU Army to come together in case of emergency. 10 Nation? This is getting very interesting…. more

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