Trump and Mattis are carrying out a grand strategy in Syria

Political Shades Map of SyriaWhen it comes to Syria, everyone considers himself a grand strategist and clamors that “Trump doesn’t have a Syrian strategy!” Yet, in fact, Trump and US Secretary of Defense Mattis have, so far, cobbled together a genius strategy that I outlined over a year ago in my April 2017 article Iran is trying to provoke a Russia-US hot war in Syria.
From the ashes of the catastrophic Obama’s “Iran-First” years, and at almost no cost in American precious blood and treasure, President Trump and Secretary of Defense Mattis have executed what I called “rock-paper-scissors-shoot” strategy. In that strategy, Secretary of Defense Mattis has engineered a local multiplier-effect army of Kurds and Arabs to form a metaphorical “scissors” holding Eastern Syria down the eastern banks of the Euphrates River of Syria, this to effectively “cut” Iran’s attempt at creating a continuous topological “paper” from Iran through Iraq and Syria to the Mediterranean Sea…. more

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